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We believe our Vacation Care Program should be like a holiday for your child. We have a variety of activities, excursions and incursions to the Service to support an engaging and exciting holiday period.


Vacation Care operates between 6.30am and 6.00pm during school holidays and on pupil-free days.

Our current Vac Care Program is available in the Parent Portal >>

Incursion and excursions are a valuable part of our Vacation Care Program with provision for enjoyment, stimulation, challenge, new experiences, and a meeting point between the Service and the wider community. All incursions and excursions will be advertised in advance telling parents when it is, where it will be, what activities and the transport & fees for the excursion. Parents will be requested to complete an additional permission form for each excursion. The cost of the incursions and excursions will be in addition to the daily care charge and will be advised in advance in the Vacation Care Program.


SAMPLE program

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