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Bulimba State School Outside School Hours Care, in partnership with the P&C and the school, provides quality care for students enrolled in our service. The following philosophy was developed by the children, families, P&C representatives, and OSHC team.


At Bulimba State School Outside School Hours Care we plan and implement programs that:


  • are child-initiated and based on meaningful documentation gathered of the interests and developmental needs of all children.

  • encourage children to be an active member of the community in which they live in order to be active, global citizens.

  • allow children to challenge themselves whilst offering a physically safe and emotionally nurturing environment.

  • allow all children to express their opinions and have their views considered in decisions affecting them as stated in Article 12 of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, that children have the “right to say what they think should happen when adults are making decisions that affect them and to have their opinions taken into account”.

  • promote physical, emotional, intellectual, creative growth and opportunities for socialization including child-led play.

  • cater for the varied interests of the students that promote their different developmental stages with a focus on fostering resilience, social and emotional wellbeing.

  • offer varied and inclusive menus and recipes that cater to the dietary requirements for school-aged children and offer children the opportunity to be involved in the preparation, cooking, and serving of food to support the development of self-help skills.

  • place a great emphasis on the “Great Outdoors”, physical activity, and caring for our environment.

We foster relationships that:


  • are respectful of individuals and reflect school, family values, and cultural backgrounds.

  • promote open, transparent, and honest communication between all members of our community which are positive in manner.

  • support families in a non-judgemental manner, adapting our service to meet their ever-changing needs, based on their feedback.

We encourage our Educators to:


  • be respected by all members of our school community.

  • participate in regular professional development and training to enhance their qualifications.

  • maintain a high level of care and supervision, building positive and rewarding relationships with children by taking the time to talk and interact with them on a deeper level.


We encourage our parents and guardians to:


  • show respect to staff, other parents, and children at the centre.

  • follow the guidelines outlined in the parent handbook and communicate effectively and appropriately with the staff.

  • work in partnership with staff to support the care of the children of the service.


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