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What is provided?

  • A safe, secure, and inclusive environment where children can relax and do activities they want to do.

  • A program that promotes the value of play and a wide variety of activities to meet the developmental and emotional needs of all children.

  • Stimulating activities that help children enhance their life skills and encourage children to be responsible and show respect to others and their property.

  • A healthy breakfast and a filling and nutritious afternoon tea at 3pm. Food choices we provide are healthy, fresh and wherever possible, sourced from local producers.

  • Flexibility for parents with a simple booking process and parent-friendly payment terms.

  • Warm & supportive educators who genuinely care.

  • Ongoing professional development and service reviews to support staff.

  • Focus on children’s high self-esteem and promote the use of reflective thinking.


After a more structured school day, it is important for children to have a chance to relax and be able to choose from a variety of activities that appeal to them. Along with the planned and structured activities on offer, children are always free to simply make use of our comprehensive range of free-play equipment. We provide play spaces including areas such as:


  • iPads for making movies, karaoke, and lots of other fun and educational activities

  • Imagination Stations

  • Big teamwork toys 

  • Construction area

  • Board games

  • Art & Craft area

  • Reading Corner

Our structured activities originate from children & educators’ feedback. These include drama, art/craft, cooking, science, sports, and construction.


A detailed vacation care program will be issued at least 4 weeks prior to the vacation care period and will detail special and fun themed days, incursions and excursions.

Children may be involved in supervised cooking experiences whilst attending OSHC which are age-appropriate and may include the use of cooking equipment including stovetops, ovens, toasters, kettles, electric frying pans. Risk assessments will be carried out to ensure age appropriateness and that all safety measures are in place.

Sporting and other Extra-curricular activities

We have a strong focus at our service on encouraging students to increase their physical activity levels by participating in fun and structured activities after school, which will develop essential motor skills.

Children can also access other external activities conducted on school grounds and organised by external parties. They may transition to and from the service to these activities e.g. environmental club, swimming lessons, chess club, martial arts, tennis etc., if parents have signed a specific OSHC permission form to authorise this. 

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