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Opening Hours and Fees (current as at 1st September 2023)

* Subject to availability

# Excursions and incursions at an additional cost

How can I pay my fees?


We have two methods of payment

1. direct debit from a bank, building society, or credit union account; OR

2. direct debit from Visa or MasterCard

A direct debit account must be completed and submitted at time of enrolment. Please note if you choose to pay by credit card, an additional charge will be added to your bill by Quickpay. No additional fees apply if paying from your bank account. 

When are fees due?

Fees are due weekly in arrears. A statement is issued to you via email each Tuesday showing fees owed for the prior week. Then each Friday fees are processed to your selected bank account or credit card. A receipt of payment will be displayed on the following week’s statement.

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